You must not do this with an electric forklift!

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-29
Electric forklifts will accumulate more dust and debris during long-term use, which will affect the performance of the vehicle to a certain extent. It does not comply with the factory's 5S regulations. Therefore, it is more important to clean the forklift regularly, and it must not be possible during use. Ignore.  Each enterprise will add relevant regulations and requirements for forklift cleaning and maintenance in the forklift operation rules and regulations, but the specific operation method is not clear. In daily cleaning, there are often some misunderstandings, such as direct washing with water. If the electric forklift is cleaned in this way, the forklift will be destroyed.  1. Directly flush with water. In order to save time and effort, the forklift driver uses bottled water or hose to shower the forklift, or even flush it directly with a high-pressure water gun. Electric forklifts have no better sealing effect than cars. They are designed for indoor operations and do not have the function of rain and water resistance. Everyone knows that circuit components are most afraid of water. After washing the body of an electric forklift with water, the water will flow into the bottom of the base along the gaps in the body and pedals, causing damage to the circuit components. First of all, there will be some 'soft faultsCooling fans, travel switches, etc., and even electric motors are overhauled; the most serious cause is that the battery or other circuits are short-circuited, causing smoke and fire during operation, and burning the forklift.  2. Do not turn off the power when cleaning the forklift. After parking, change the battery and clean. When not operating the electric forklift, turn off the power. Otherwise, it is possible to accidentally touch the forklift control switch and cause an accident. It is also possible that when using wet rags or other metal tools, the positive and negative electrodes of the battery or other electronic components may be short-circuited. If the voltage of the forklift battery exceeds the load of the human body, there is a risk of electric shock.  So, what is the correct way to clean a forklift? Look down.   1. The first is to clean the exterior of the electric forklift. Before cleaning, it is necessary to turn off the various power supplies of the vehicle to prevent electrical damage caused by a short circuit to the vehicle during the cleaning process.  2. The exterior of the forklift truck body can be wiped with a damp cloth.  3. When cleaning the various electrical voltage components of the electric forklift, you can use compressed air to blow off the dust on the electrical voltage. It should be noted that the electrical voltage components cannot be flushed with a high-pressure water gun.  4. After cleaning the electric forklift, check the parts or parts of the vehicle that need to be lubricated according to the lubricated parts, and add lubricating oil in time.  5. The battery of the electric stacker can be washed with water, but the water cannot enter the battery cell. It is best to lift it out for washing to avoid water entering some parts of the forklift.   6. In order to maintain the flexible operation of electric forklift tires, the attachments on the wheels and other parts of the vehicle must be removed in time after each transportation is completed to avoid affecting the operation of the vehicle. Jingxin forklift manufacturers carry the mission of providing high-quality forklift products and intelligent logistics equipment to users all over the world, and leading the development of China's forklift industry/electric forklifts and intelligent logistics equipment. We hope to get your continued care and support, and we will definitely gain more With more successful experience, we have achieved greater results in the new round of development.
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