Will the oil leakage of the electric stacker car body affect its service life?

by:Jxforklift     2022-09-26
As an industrial handling vehicle, the electric stacker is mainly powered by a motor, and then loads and unloads, stacks, stacks and transports various wheeled handling vehicles for short-distance transportation of palletized goods. What factors are related to the efficiency and service life of the electric stacker? Normally, after a week of use of the all-electric stacker, we need to perform regular maintenance on it. 1. Safety rules for the maintenance of all-electric stackers (1) Keep the maintenance site clean and hygienic. (2) Before the maintenance of the all-electric stacker, unplug the power socket and disconnect the power supply. (3) During maintenance, do not bring loose items or valuables on your body. (Note: When repairing the electrical system of the all-electric stacker, if the metal comes into contact with the energized electronic components, it may cause a short circuit or burn. Therefore, please take off the watch, earrings or other accessories.) Transport the truck. (4) When checking the oil leakage of the car body, please wipe it with paper or cardboard, and do not touch it directly with your hands. In order to avoid burns (5) Please note that the oil temperature in the transmission or hydraulic system may be high. The all-electric stacker should be cooled first, and then the gear oil or hydraulic oil should be replaced to prevent combustion caused by high oil temperature. Stacker. (6) Before opening the left and right box covers or the electrical system, the key switch of the all-electric stacker should be turned off. (7) Before checking the hydraulic system, the fork should be lowered to release the system pressure. (8) The hydraulic system should be filled with new clean oil. (Note: If the hydraulic oil is not clean, it will affect the precise hydraulic components and reduce the hydraulic system capacity of the entire electric stacker. If different grades of hydraulic oil are used, it will damage the hydraulic components and affect the system capacity. Therefore, when adding Or when replacing hydraulic fluid, pay attention to using the same brand). Manual hydraulic truck. (9) When working under the all-electric stacker, the all-electric stacker should be firmly supported by the bracket. (10) When the body is welded, the battery power must be disconnected. Because the welding current may enter the battery during welding, in order to avoid this situation, please cut off the battery. (11) Please abide by relevant laws and regulations, protect the environment, store and discharge oil according to regulations, and do not discharge it into the sewer. 2. Maintenance of the electric stacker motor (1) Do a comprehensive maintenance of the motor once a year. (2) Inspection and maintenance of the motor should be carried out under power-off. (3) Check whether the connection wire of the motor outlet is correct and firm. . (4) Check whether the commutator segments are clean, and the brushes should slide freely in the brush box. (5) Use a 250-volt megger to measure the cold-state insulation resistance of the motor every three months, and the resistance value should be greater than 0.5MΩ. less than 0.5 MΩ, should be dried. (6) Check the wear of the brushes every three months, and replace the brushes as appropriate. (7) Check that all fasteners are tight. Semi-electric stacker. The normal service life of an electric stacker is five to six years or six to seven years. If it is not properly maintained, the lifespan will be greatly shortened, and the average annual working time of foreign electric stackers is much lower than that of domestic electric stackers. Annual average working hours of electric stackers. After the electric stacker works normally for four to five years, its performance will be significantly different from that of the new car. This is because of the wear and tear of various parts, especially the power system parts, which will slow down the working speed and cause the system Fever, resulting in slower work speed, longer working hours, and reduced work efficiency. Secondly, after the electric stacker has been working for three to four years, the friction of various parts will cause serious wear and tear, resulting in increased noise when each part is working, and due to the wear and tear, the matching gap will expand.
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