Why is the price of electric forklifts more expensive than internal combustion forklifts?

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-19
I often receive calls from customers asking about the price of electric forklifts. Customers will ask 'How much is a 3 ton electric forklift?' Jingxin's general answer is about 110,000 standard equipment, and more than 120,000 high equipment; customers are very surprised at this time. Diesel forklifts are only more than 60,000. Why are electric forklifts so much more expensive than diesel forklifts? Although the frame and chassis of the two forklifts are basically similar, the most important thing is the difference in power source. But why is there such a big gap in the price of forklifts. Today, Jingxin will help you analyze the differences and cost differences between the two types of models.   First of all, the procurement cost of spare parts is high.   Diesel forklifts use engines and gearboxes as power sources, while battery forklifts use motors, gearboxes, batteries and controllers as basic power mechanisms.   The engines of domestic diesel forklifts are basically domestic 490 or 495, and the diesel is Zhejiang Xinchai or Quanchai, the price is not high, and the gearbox and other parts are also matched by domestic manufacturers. The combination of the engine gearbox is more than 10,000 yuan; the controllers of the battery forklift are basically imported, and the price is tens of thousands. With the dual-motor structure of the electric forklift (drive motor and hydraulic motor), this is nothing. The cost of the forklift exceeds the entire power composition of the diesel forklift; and then the battery: the domestic 80V500A battery generally costs about 16,000 to 20,000. Adding the cost of the controller, the battery and control cost alone will be 30,000 or 40,000. In addition, the price of electric forklifts is much higher than that of diesel forklifts; therefore, it is normal that the cost of spare parts for battery forklifts is four to fifty thousand higher than that of diesel forklifts.  Second, production costs are higher. As we all know, the greater the output of the same product, the more a single component can reduce the purchase cost! From the 2015 forklift sales statistics report, it can be seen that among the 327,000 forklifts sold throughout the year last year, the proportion of diesel forklifts is declining. , The sales volume of electric forklifts is increasing and reaches 120,000 units, but 206,000 units of diesel vehicles still occupy a larger market share.   At present, there are more than 40 domestic forklift manufacturers above the scale, and they are distributed to many domestic forklift manufacturers. The annual output of more than 1,000 seat-type electric forklift manufacturers are only a few. For a production plant with an average output of two or three units per day, the low price advantage of mass production has nothing to do with it; this is a simple truth for large quantities and preferential treatment. The daily expenses of the factory, personnel costs, equipment loss, etc. also need to be further included in the final ex-factory price of the product, leading to a further increase in the selling price of battery forklifts, and low selling prices are difficult to achieve.   Third, the cost of sales is high. There are dozens of domestic battery forklift manufacturers, but there are more than 3,000 sales companies, large and small; on average, each company can only sell about 1 electric forklift per month; and this is an average number, and many sales companies even Only two or three electric forklifts can be sold throughout the year. Compared to those diesel forklift dealers who sell hundreds of diesel forklifts every year, it's really insignificant. With ultra-low sales volume, in order to ensure a certain profit, increasing the price has become the only choice. In many cases, a dealer sells a diesel forklift of more than 50,000 yuan, and its gross profit may be as low as 1,000 yuan or even in order to reach the profit of 500 yuan for the sales task. And selling an electric forklift of more than 100,000 yuan can only make 1,000 yuan. It is estimated that no one is willing to do it; after all, 100,000 yuan is deposited in the bank and there is an interest of four to five hundred per month; so the dealer’s The large profit margin of a single product further increased the final transaction price of battery forklifts.   Fourth, after-sales maintenance costs.  If the warranty cost of a diesel forklift in the first year is 1,500, then no one wants to repair an electric forklift for less than 3,000 yuan. After all, there are hundreds of thousands of parts burned at random.   However, as the country's environmental protection requirements continue to increase, the future market demand for diesel forklifts will gradually decrease. On the contrary, the market demand for environmentally friendly electric forklifts will inevitably increase year by year. Although it is more expensive in the short term, the maintenance cost is lower than that of diesel forklifts, and the maintenance period is two to three times that of diesel forklifts. The maintenance time is much less than that of diesel forklifts, which can greatly save maintenance labor costs. Effectively shorten the downtime of the forklift, which is beneficial to improve the work efficiency of the forklift and increase the economic benefits. Therefore, on the whole, the electric forklift is more economical.
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