Why do small electric forklift batteries need to be added with distilled water?

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-03
Nowadays, forklifts are used in both industry and agriculture. Where there is demand, there is a market. Now there are many types of forklifts on the market, so how should consumers choose? In fact, as long as you master three purchasing skills, you can buy a forklift with excellent quality and suitable for your own use.   When buying a small electric forklift, if it is a lead-acid battery, the electric forklift manufacturer will ask you to add distilled water after using it for a period of time. However, tap water or purified water cannot be added to the battery of a small electric forklift, and distilled water must be used. Why?    During the charging and discharging process of small electric forklifts, due to the electrolytic evaporation of the battery of small electric forklifts, the moisture in the electrolyte will gradually decrease, resulting in a drop in the electrolyte level. If it is not replenished in time, it may shorten the service life of the battery of the small electric forklift. The water added to the battery of an electric forklift should be distilled water, and cannot be replaced with pure water. Because the purified water contains a variety of trace elements, or other impurities, it will have an adverse effect on the battery of the small electric forklift, thereby reducing the service life of the small electric forklift.   In recent years, my country has begun to encourage the production of environmentally friendly and energy-saving low-carbon machinery and equipment. It should be said that the spring of electric storage forklifts is here. The future development of electric forklifts is particularly large.   Ordinary batteries used in small electric forklifts should be filled with water once a month. Other types of batteries should be regularly replenished with distilled water based on the water consumption. For the temporary use of forklift batteries, you can postpone replenishing water for a few months.   After charging the battery, the electric forklift should be replenished with a proper amount of electricity. If the battery level of some small electric forklifts drops quickly and water is frequently added, check whether the limit voltage of the regulator of the electric forklift is adjusted too high. Too high will cause overcharge, large water consumption, and fast evaporation. This situation can be solved by adjusting the pressure limit of a small electric forklift. In addition, pay attention to the rapid drop of the electrolyte level of individual batteries, and check whether there is a short circuit problem. Also check whether there are cracks in the battery compartment, and whether there is electrolyte leakage. It needs to be dealt with according to actual conditions.
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