Why do forklift batteries need to be charged evenly?

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-23
Why do forklift batteries need to be charged evenly? Over time, different units in the forklift may produce slightly different power capacities. When this happens, the user cannot fully charge the battery of the Dongguan forklift; one Dongguan forklift battery can be fully charged, while the other Dongguan forklift battery can only be charged half. Equalizing charging prevents this inefficiency. In essence, equalizing charging is purposeful overcharging. A typical charging cycle lasts about eight hours, while equalizing charging takes about three hours. The charger continued to provide lower power in the last few hours. This approach can also prevent delamination, which is a potentially damaging condition under which the acid and water within the cell separate. In the final stage of equalization charging, the forklift battery releases hydrogen and oxygen. These escaping gases form bubbles, which provide agitation to the electrolyte, thereby preventing stratification. Please note that equalizing the charge requires a longer cooling time than a typical charging cycle. Since most battery manufacturers recommend equalizing charging every week, many operations perform this task on weekends to provide enough time for charging and cooling before the next shift.
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