While enjoying the convenience brought by the electric stacker, have you maintained it properly?

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-14
The emergence of electric stackers has brought great convenience to the work of loading, unloading and transshipment. With the development of society and economy, the places where it is used have become more and more popular, and more and more industries cannot do without electric stackers. Because of its good convenience, economy and operability, it is often used very frequently. It is a pity that most people rely on the convenience it brings but often neglect its maintenance and maintenance, which often causes some failures. , The following are some precautions for maintaining the electric stacker truck. 1. Battery maintenance of the electric handling stacker Check whether the connection of the charging circuit is reliable, check whether the connection and the plug are in good condition; check whether the charger of the electric handling stacker is in good condition, check whether the battery is seriously lacking; check whether the electrode plate There is irreversible sulfation. 2. The circuit part of the electric pallet truck. Do not use the electric pallet truck under voltage; do not use the electric pallet truck while charging; pay attention to rain. 3. The forks of the electric handling stacker have a fixed pallet type and a movable fork type. There is a gasket at the root of the movable fork and the connection of the electric handling stacker. The height of the gasket is adjusted by the screw to achieve The purpose of adjusting the height of the front section of the fork. 4. The most of the oil leakage of the electric handling stacker is at the connection between the oil pipe and the oil cylinder or the pump station. The seal is not tight. Use a wrench to tighten the nut of the connection a few more turns, but remember that no force is available. Excessive force, otherwise it will cause slippage. If it is confirmed that the nut has been tightened and oil leakage continues, the nut needs to be disassembled, its gasket or explosion-proof valve replaced with the correct model or new, and re-tightened. Generally, this fault can be solved. When removing the nut, you must first lower the fork to a very low level, so that all the hydraulic oil in the oil circuit returns to the oil cylinder of the pump station to avoid a large amount of leakage. With the help of an electric stacker, people can reduce labor and have beautiful work efficiency, and the frequency of use remains high. The maintenance of the electric stacker is not only the points mentioned in the above content, but also should be cherished as much as possible. Although the low failure rate is one of its advantages, everyone is enjoying the convenience brought by technology. Please don’t forget to take care of them. It is not only responsible for the machine objects but also responsible for yourself.
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