When the water content of the gear oil of the electric stacker is higher than 0.2%, it should be replaced in time

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-23
The electric stacker is clean, comfortable and easy to operate, which is very popular among the public. Everyone often ignores its daily maintenance work when using it. In fact, we should always check the gears of the electric stacker, because if the gears are contaminated, it will cause a series of failures. How many failures are not repaired may be due to them. Causes of gear contamination. In addition, the electric stacker also has certain requirements for the ground during operation, otherwise it will cause some accidents. Let me introduce these two points in detail below. 1. Method for detecting contamination of electric stacker truck gear 1. Measure the water content of the gear oil. If the water content is greater than 0.2%, the gear oil should be replaced immediately. 2. Measure the kinematic viscosity of electric stacker truck gear oil at different speeds. When the measured gear oil viscosity change rate is greater than 10% to 15% of the new gear oil viscosity, replace it, and it is necessary to find out the occurrence of the gear oil viscosity. The reason for the change. 2. The ground is required for the operation of the electric stacker 1. The requirements on the smoothness: the smoothness and flatness of the floor greatly affect the use of the electric stacker, especially the use of high-lift indoor electric stackers When stacking trucks, the ground clearance needs to be considered. Ground clearance refers to the ability of electric stackers to cross the raised obstacles on the ground without collision. Therefore, the electric stackers require clean and barrier-free ground, which can make the electric stackers Run freely and smoothly. 2. Requirements for load-bearing performance: The electric stacker will wear very large to the ground when it is fully loaded, and the lifting height of the mast is also restricted by the firmness of the ground. Therefore, the electric stacker must have a high load-bearing capacity on the ground. And impact resistance, YNG steel floor tiles have superior load-bearing properties, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, and remain non-deformed or cracked under heavy pressure. The above is the method of detecting whether the gear of the electric stacker is polluted and the requirements on the ground during its operation. There are many points worth noting in practical applications. The electric stacker has brought us greater convenience. High efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, it is a good choice when handling and stacking large objects. With the advancement and improvement of technology, the current electric stacker has become smaller and lighter, and its performance is also continuously improved, which can be applied to more occasions.
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