When the electric forklift is operating, the battery liquid inside the battery should be consistent with the concentration between other batteries

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-24
Due to the development and advancement of science and technology, machines have gradually replaced traditional labor. This phenomenon is particularly prominent in handling operations. Electric forklifts are often used for transportation, which greatly reduces the labor cost. However, electric forklifts also need the battery life during operation, and the workload of electric forklifts is sometimes very large. The battery is constantly being charged and discharged, so it is necessary to maintain and maintain the battery of the electric forklift before and after daily use. . Let us take a look! The maintenance and precautions of lead-acid batteries: 1. When the battery is charged and discharged, the battery level changes: 1. When the battery is discharged: the battery liquid seeps into the pores of the battery plate, so the battery The liquid level will drop. 2. When the battery is charging: the battery fluid is discharged from the pores of the battery plate, so the battery fluid level will rise. 2. About the loss of battery liquid: 1. When the battery is being charged, especially near the Cassing Condition, the electrical reaction is that the water in the battery liquid is electrolyzed. The overflow of hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O) gases reduces the battery liquid capacity and increases the concentration. 2. The above reaction will also occur when the battery is discharged, but it will be strong when it is not charged, but when the battery is continuously discharged with a large current, the above reaction will lose water quite strongly. 3. In the fierce electrochemical reaction, if the battery liquid level is too high, the discharged gas will splash and overflow with the battery liquid, and the battery liquid level will drop (the sulfuric acid H2SO4 in the battery liquid will follow the battery liquid Overflow and loss). If supplementary pure water is used to maintain the liquid level, the liquid level of the battery liquid will change (that is, the specific gravity of the battery liquid is insufficient). Because the battery fluid splashing and overflowing of each unit is different, the specific gravity of each unit cell is inconsistent after such water replenishment, forming a potential difference between each unit cell, which affects the efficiency of the battery. Therefore, try to avoid this situation in battery use. 3. Why do we need to add pure water: 1. It is required that the electrode plate must be immersed in the battery liquid at any time regardless of the change of the battery liquid level (the electrode plate should not be exposed to the battery liquid), so that it can give full play to its design requirements (capacity) ). The battery capacity is related to the area of u200bu200bthe battery liquid that the battery plate contacts. 2. During the operation of the battery, the concentration of the battery liquid should be maintained and the consistency of the concentration between the individual cells should be maintained. Otherwise, there will be a potential difference between each unit cell, generating a circulating current and affecting the efficiency of the battery pack. The battery voltage is related to the concentration of the battery fluid. 3. The correct supplement of water has an important impact on the performance and service life of the battery and can reduce and reduce sulfation. 4. How to add water: 1. It must be done within 1-2 hours after the battery is fully charged. 2. After the battery is used, measure the liquid level (based on the splash plate), and it should still be detectable (confirm that the battery plate is not exposed during the last charge and discharge cycle). 3. After refilling, the liquid level should be 5-10 mm higher than the splash plate, but not too high (take the splash plate as the reference). 4. After several charge and discharge cycles, when the battery liquid is charged to the point where it can no longer be recharged, measure the specific gravity of the battery liquid. If the specific gravity is too low or the specific gravity of each unit cell is inconsistent, sulfuric acid should be added. Re-adjust the specific gravity to (1.27-1.29) G/CM3 (make the specific gravity of each unit cell close to the same). Charge it after adjustment to make the battery liquid even, this item should be carried out by professionals. V. Precautions: 1. In normal use, within a charge and discharge cycle, the water loss of a unit battery is about 4ml/100Ah of water. Example: A 500Ah unit battery should be supplemented with approximately 20 ml of pure water. 2. After refilling, the liquid level of the battery liquid must not exceed 10mm of the splash plate. The reasons are: A. The liquid level is too high, and the battery liquid capacity contacts the aluminum bars connected between the battery plates, which will form ion pollution of the battery liquid. , So as to strengthen the discharge of the battery pack and damage the battery capacity and life. B. Excessive liquid level will cause the battery liquid to splash and overflow during the electrochemical reaction, resulting in a decrease in the concentration of the battery liquid, thereby reducing the battery capacity and battery voltage. In addition, the splashed battery fluid will corrode the car body and the battery. 3. If the battery liquid level is insufficient, when the battery is in use, the upper part of the battery plate will be exposed to the battery liquid, which reduces the area of u200bu200bthe battery plate that participates in the electrochemical reaction and reduces the capacity of the battery. The above is about the maintenance and maintenance methods and precautions of the lead-acid battery of electric forklifts. I hope that everyone can learn from it after reading it! The usage of electric forklifts is still relatively large, so its batteries are constantly running In the case of charging and discharging, the loss will be very serious. If maintenance is not carried out, the service life of the battery will be greatly shortened.
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