When the battery temperature of Jiangsu electric stacker reaches 35℃, the oxide on the electrode plate will easily fall off

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-17
Jiangsu electric stacker is a relatively common handling tool now. Because its energy power is electric energy, it is very friendly to the environment. And with the continuous advancement of our technology, the operation of current electric stacker has changed. It is simpler, and its performance has been enhanced to a certain extent. There are also a variety of models suitable for various occasions. However, we also encounter some problems when using electric stackers. Battery heating is one of them. So why does it cause this phenomenon? How should we solve it after encountering it? Electric stackers In the long-term use of the battery, heat may occasionally occur. Although the frequency is not high, it is a bad phenomenon anyway, because once the battery temperature of the electric stacker reaches 35 degrees Celsius, its plate The oxide will become easy to fall off, which will shorten the life of the battery, or even destroy the battery in serious cases. So once this happens, everyone needs to pay attention. The operator can solve as follows: 1. The continuous high current discharge of the battery of the electric stacker will cause the battery temperature to be high, so it is necessary to shorten the high current discharge time in use in the future. 2. Sometimes this phenomenon is caused by the aging of the battery plate of the electric stacker, which will increase the internal resistance of the battery. A larger internal resistance will generate a lot of heat during use, which will Cause high temperature of the battery. In this case, there is a potential safety hazard, so you must check the use of the battery regularly and replace the battery in time. When the battery heating phenomenon of Jiangsu electric stacker occasionally occurs, if the heating is caused by the continuous discharge of the battery, the operator can shorten the high current discharge time in the subsequent use; but if it is caused by the aging of the battery plate , You need to replace the battery plates in time, otherwise there will be safety hazards. The emergence of electric stackers has improved the efficiency of people's operations, and has played a great role in warehousing, handling and other operations, and has been welcomed by people.
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