When electric pallet truck manufacturers find that the road is uneven, they must repair the road.

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-31
Nowadays, the warehousing and freight industry is very good due to the intensive development of road network, railway network and aviation line, but for the transportation of bulk goods, it needs to use electric pallet trucks. Electric pallet trucks have become a commonly used vehicle in a variety of cargo transportation occasions because of their small size, strong carrying capacity, convenient operation, and high work efficiency. However, some owners find that their newly bought pallet trucks have not been used for a few days. Its tires There are varying degrees of wear. The following is the specific reason for the electric pallet truck manufacturer. First of all, we must understand the main reasons for the excessive wear of the tires of the electric pallet trucks. The main reasons are as follows: 1. Dirt roads, gravel roads, and rugged and bumpy roads will wear out the tires more seriously. If there are small nails on the ground Sharp objects such as, screws, etc. will also puncture the tires, causing them to bulge or blow out; some roads with too steep slopes, too sharp corners of roadways, and too small turning radii will also damage the tires; 2. Frequent and frequent emergency The brakes also wear out tires badly; 3. When the front and rear load weights are inconsistent, the truck tires will have virtual contact. The tire on the side of the heavy pressure is more likely to be damaged due to abnormal wear; once the operator finds electric When the truck tires wear too much, corresponding countermeasures should be made according to the reasons: 1. Correct the uneven ground and try to use epoxy floor paint as a protective layer on the ground, which will not wear the tires and is easy to take care of; 2. When driving forwards and backwards, look around more, slow down before encountering obstacles, drive safely, and try to avoid sudden braking; 3. Try to avoid full load when placing goods, and allocate goods reasonably. Since the electric pallet truck has been put into use, it has indeed brought a lot of convenience to the transportation. The first thing that bears the brunt is the saving of manpower, and the efficiency of the transportation has been greatly improved. However, while enjoying the convenience brought by electric pallet trucks, we must also pay attention to the loss of electric pallet trucks in daily use.
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