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When driving a forklift always feel forklift is very weak? It turns out that...

When driving a forklift always feel forklift is very weak? It turns out that...


Some operators always feel that the diesel forklift is weak when they are driving it. What is the reason for this?

In some operation places, there is more dust, so it is easy to cause the air filter is not clear. If the air filter of diesel forklift is not clear, the diesel forklift is not powerful enough and always feels bored. This is the time to clean or replace the filter.

The diesel filter is also called diesel filter, or the screen is clogged at the inlet pipe joint of the fuel transfer pump. It is also easy to cause diesel forklift power shortage, the solution is to clean or replace the diesel filter or the inlet joint of the fuel delivery pump.

If the oil supply to the oil pipe is uneven, the oil supply to the cylinder should be adjusted.

Especially in winter, when the weather is relatively cold, the problems that tend to occur are insufficient injector pressure and poor diesel atomization. It is necessary to repair injectors or replace them.

If the injection angle is not correct, please adjust the injection angle.

In addition, the fine parts of the injection pump are excessively worn, so the treatment is to adjust the oil supply or overhaul the plunger parts and outlet valve parts.

Loose governor spring. Do not underestimate a governor spring. If the governor spring is not at rated speed, it can easily cause the starter to be underpowered. The solution is to adjust the high speed limit screw and replace the governor spring.

A drawback that some users tend to create when using diesel forklifts is that the fuel runs out before they realize that they are out of fuel. This allows air to enter the fuel system of the starter. One of the main problems with getting air in is that the ignition start requires the air to be expelled first. Another problem is that the air is not clean, which can also cause the starter to lack power. The treatment is then to clean the air from the fuel system.

Leaky valves. Cleaning method:Check valve clearance, valve spring force, valve guide wear and valve seal, replace parts and grind valves if necessary.

The cylinder head bolt is loose. Cleaning method:Adjust the regular tightening torque.

Fuel injection hole leakage. Cleaning method: Replace the copper gasket, clean the bore of the copper sleeve, and tighten the nut of the fixed injector evenly.



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