When does the forklift need to be overhauled?

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-11
When does the forklift need to be overhauled? 1. Improve the overall condition of Jiangsu forklifts through overhaul, increase the service life of Jiangsu forklifts, reduce the frequency of repurchasing Jiangsu forklifts, and reduce costs. 2. Reduce the warranty rate of Jiangsu forklifts through overhaul, thereby reducing the parking time of Jiangsu forklifts, increasing the continuous use time, increasing the utilization rate of Jiangsu forklifts, and reducing the cost of using Jiangsu forklifts. In addition, the work of managers is reduced. 3. Improve the safety of Jiangsu forklifts through overhaul, and use Jiangsu forklifts with confidence to avoid unnecessary losses caused by potential safety hazards. 4. The overhauled car can extend the life of the old car by 30%-50%. Generally speaking, the life of an industrial vehicle is 5 years, and it is very beneficial for cost control to continue to put into use after an old vehicle is overhauled to extend its life.
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