What to pay attention to when using electric forklifts in summer

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-14
Forklift manufacturers remind us that under the conditions of high temperature and high humidity in summer, the temperature is high and the weather is hot. When using forklifts, we should pay more attention to some problems. At high temperature, the heat dissipation performance of the engine becomes poor, and the temperature is easy to be too high, which will deteriorate its power and economy. Moreover, under the condition of high temperature and high humidity, the lubricating oil of each part of the forklift is easy to be thinned, and the lubricating performance is reduced, resulting in increased wear of parts under heavy load. It is also easy to cause the water tank to boil, the fuel supply system to be blocked, the hydraulic brake to fail due to the expansion and deformation of the leather cup, and the air pressure of the tire to burst with the increase of the outside temperature. Therefore, in summer, the maintenance of electric forklifts should be done well, and attention should be paid to cooling down, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles in the process of work.
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