What to pay attention to when using a forklift

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-14
Before using the forklift, we should check the relevant parameters and configurations to ensure the safety and efficiency of the forklift. When the forklift is newly used, it is necessary to check whether the tire pressure meets the specified requirements, and whether the on-board tools and accessories are complete. In the early stage of the use of the new forklift, since the rough surface of the parts has not been fully ground, the shape and assembly position after processing are still different. There is a certain deviation, there will be a gap between the matching clearance and the lubrication conditions, the wear is larger, and the operating temperature is relatively high. It is also necessary to check whether the joints, circuits, lighting, etc. of the electrical components are in good condition and connected, whether the electrical instruments, speakers, and lights can work normally, whether the liquid level of the electrolyte of the battery meets the requirements, and whether the relative density of the electrolyte meets the requirements. . In addition, it is necessary to check whether the pipelines and joints of various parts of the electric forklift are damaged, loose, water leakage, and oil leakage, especially whether the hydraulic system and the master cylinder and wheel cylinder of the service brake are leaking.
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