What to pay attention to for forklift pushers

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-10
The push-pull manufacturer said that it is very convenient to use the forklift push-pull, but what problems should we pay attention to? Here's what we're going to know next. When driving a forklift push-pull, long-term or long-distance acceleration should be avoided as much as possible, as this will increase the energy consumption of the battery. During operation, the forward and reverse direction switches cannot be used as steering switches. Note that the brake pedal can not be fully depressed, except in the case of emergency braking. If you charge and discharge the battery, you should also pay attention to the method and method, and do not allow the battery to be overcharged. If it is an electric reach forklift that is driven on the side, the speed adjustment is generally performed by a special programmer to realize the electronic controller programming of the forklift. Select the low-speed gear, and switch to the forward or reverse gear according to the pickup direction, lightly lift the clutch pedal, and slow the gas pedal. It is used when the speed is zero and when the car is empty.
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