What to check for internal combustion forklifts

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-09
Forklift manufacturers remind us that when the internal combustion forklift is driving, there should be no piles, no fork, no parked vehicles, and a good line of sight. Before the internal combustion forklift does not start the engine, you should check the ground for new dripping oil, look for the oil leakage site, and determine whether it can be operated or repaired according to the leakage; check the engine oil, cooling water, diesel oil, hydraulic oil, brake Check whether the fluid is sufficient, and pay attention to the cleanliness of the fluid; check whether the tire pressure is sufficient and whether it is excessively worn, whether the rim is cracked, and whether the fastening bolts are tight and complete; check whether the steering system and braking system meet the requirements under static conditions; check Whether the fan blades are cracked, whether the belt is tight enough, and whether the lights and horns are normal, etc. When using the forklift, it should also be noted that the forklift should be neatly parked on the right side of the horizontal road or at the designated place, the fork should be placed flat on the ground, and the person leaving the forklift should cut off the main power switch, tighten the hand brake, hang the neutral gear, switch the key .
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