What should I pay attention to when using an electric forklift engine?

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-02
What should I pay attention to when using an electric forklift engine? 1. Water is discharged from the engine cooling system, and engine oil and hydraulic oil are discharged from the engine and hydraulic transmission. 2. Remove the safety shed and seat, remove the radiator cover, and remove the exhaust pipe muffler. 3. Remove the foot pedal, remove the radiator, exhaust pipe and its accessories. 4. Disassemble the connecting parts (hoses, ducts, etc.) of the engine and hydraulic transmission and other systems. 5. Decompose the connection between the engine and the main drive (universal joints, etc.). 6. Hang the engine on the lifting equipment and unscrew the plug bolts connected with the frame.
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