What should I do if the electric stacker has a failure time outside the warranty period?

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-20
Normally, we buy relatively large electrical appliances and equipment, and these products are guaranteed this kind of after-sales service! Many people think that the purchase of handling equipment is not a troublesome thing, but the maintenance after the problem occurs is very troublesome. For example, the electric forklift truck that a friend just bought has problems just after the warranty period. This will be a problem. A very troublesome thing. So what should I do if there is a problem with the electric stacker with a warranty of more than one year? After the warranty period has expired, it is equivalent to the warranty period. If there is a problem with the small parts, you can disassemble and replace it by your own factory personnel, but if you don't understand it, the professional repair price will usually be higher. In addition, damage repairs plus replacement parts make it possible to buy half a stacker. Now the electric stacker is very mature in the market, and the overall price is very cheap, but the manual maintenance fee is gradually rising. If you or the factory do not know how to disassemble and repair, it is recommended to buy a new one. Although electric forklift trucks with a one-year warranty have been plagued by users, it is not without a good solution. Electric forklift manufacturers sum up two points: 1. When buying an electric forklift truck , You can let the seller equip more wearing parts, so that you can replace them if they are broken, which also reduces the cost. 2. Although the repair price of the electric stacker after the warranty period is relatively high, we can learn to disassemble and repair by ourselves. In fact, the structure principle is very simple. If there are some minor problems, check it yourself and replace it with a replacement part. To solve it, it really doesn't work. Bring the electric stacker to the maintenance point by yourself, so that the cost will be reduced. If the electric stacker you just bought encounters a problem during its use, you can use the warranty service. If the electric stacker malfunctions outside the warranty period, what should you do? For more content, please continue to pay attention to our website!
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