What should I do if the electric forklift has been repaired after the warranty period?

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-28
What should I do if the electric forklift is repaired after the warranty period? For many customers, buying a forklift is not a troublesome thing, but maintenance is the most important thing. As long as the quality of the forklift is no problem, the price is cheap. Any choice in the market, but maintenance is not that simple. The warranty period of electric forklift maintenance is usually one year, which means that if any problems occur within one year, the manufacturer or seller guarantees to provide maintenance services, if the forklift parts are worn out and If it is damaged in use, it will cost a certain amount to replace the parts. If the warranty period expires, the damage is a very troublesome thing, why? First choice, after the warranty period, the warranty period has expired. If you find someone to repair it, the price is usually higher. For the equipment of Dongguan electric forklift, if the equipment is damaged, the repair and replacement parts will cost more than 300 yuan, otherwise there will be no one. Maintenance, and now the labor costs are getting higher and higher! Second, the forklift equipment is very mature in the current market, and the price is gradually decreasing. The price of forklift manufacturers of about 2 tons does not exceed 1,000 yuan, and the maintenance cost is gradually rising, leaving many customers wondering whether to choose new handling equipment or repair Old equipment. From this point of view, maintenance after purchasing an electric forklift in Dongguan is indeed a big problem. How to solve it? Although the maintenance of an electric forklift in Dongguan that has passed the warranty period has been plagued by customers and friends, there are still some ways to solve it. 1. Although the repair price is higher after the warranty period, we can choose to repair it by ourselves. There is no need to find someone to repair it. If it is a small problem, check it by yourself. If it is lack of oil, go to the market to buy hydraulic oil. If it is a wheel If it wears out, go to the market to buy a replacement. It’s really not good. Bring it to the repair place by yourself, so the cost will be lower. When purchasing a forklift, you can allow the seller to equip some wearing parts, such as oil seals, wheels, etc. This is a relatively cheaper purchase price. If it is damaged in the future, you can replace it by yourself, which also reduces the cost. If it is a quality problem, It can be repaired by the manufacturer.
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