What should I do if the battery of the all-electric forklift is hot?

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-28
All-electric forklifts are inseparable from the battery to provide electricity during operation, to ensure sufficient power and the forklift can be used normally. However, many users have found that the battery of the forklift will heat up after a period of use, so what should I do if the battery of the all-electric forklift is hot? You can start with the following points. 1. Always test the battery temperature of the all-electric forklift by hand. When the lead-acid battery of the forklift is being charged or discharged, its temperature should not exceed 35 degrees Celsius. If you can feel the temperature when you touch the battery shell of the forklift with your hand, it means that it is over 35 degrees. 2. The temperature of the electric forklift battery exceeds 35 degrees Celsius, which will cause the oxides of the forklift plate to fall off easily, shorten the life of the all-electric forklift battery, or damage the forklift. 3. The main reasons for the high temperature of the lead-acid battery of the all-electric forklift battery are: (1) The continuous high current discharge of the forklift battery causes the temperature of the forklift battery to be high. It is recommended: when using a balanced electric forklift, shorten the high current discharge time . (2) The aging of the battery plate of the all-electric forklift will increase the internal resistance of the forklift battery, and the internal resistance will generate a lot of heat during use, which will cause the high temperature of the electric forklift battery. At this time, there is a potential safety hazard, so the battery of the counterbalanced electric forklift should be replaced in time. In short, when it is found that the battery of the all-electric forklift has a high temperature phenomenon, it is necessary to stop the vehicle to check the cause of the battery heating. If the temperature is too high, replace the battery in time.
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