What should be paid attention to when the forklift starts and drives?

by:Jxforklift     2022-10-13
Electric forklifts have been well used in our work. Electric forklifts are the primary special tool for raw material handling. There are various specifications and models, and each type of electric forklift has its own suitable natural environment. At present, electric forklifts are divided into two categories: fuel forklifts and electric forklifts. It can be used to unload and carry out short-circuit transportation of bulk goods, unpackaged goods, and long-term goods. The application field of electric forklift is very common. It is not only widely used in road freight, railway freight, road transportation, but also in material supply, storage and transportation, postal express and national defense and other institutions. (1) Before driving, the driver should first observe and clear the spot and the safe passage to make it suitable for electric forklift work and driving; (2) When starting, first cover the emergency power switch, turn on the electric control lock, and then set the position The part of the power switch, sound the horn, and then slowly develop and slowly accelerate. It is strictly forbidden to quickly step on the speed change pedal to prevent the motor from burning due to excessive running current; (3) When driving, it should gradually accelerate, and long-term low speed is not allowed. Drive in gear; yes, when giving up the car, it should be left empty to allow overloading; (4) It is forbidden to turn the azimuth power switch during driving, only after the car is stopped. Only turn the azimuth power switch to change the phase. Emergency braking should be minimized. In case of emergency, the knife switch should be quickly pulled off, the brake pedal should be pressed, and the car should be parked immediately; (5) Development, sound the horn when turning, turn, go downhill, the ground is uneven or narrow according to the situation. When driving in a safe passage, pay attention to slow down to ensure safety; (6) When driving on urban roads, drive on the right side, and the electric forklift should be 100-200mm off the ground, and the rear of the gantry should be inclined; When driving in the same direction, the distance between the front, rear, left and right should be maintained above 2m; (7) When several electric forklifts are running on the platform, the distance between the front, rear, left and right should be more than 5m. The distance is 0.3m above the edge of the station entrance; (8) When the electric forklift pulls the trolley, it is strictly forbidden to continue the second s-bend of the subject to prevent the charging and discharging of the large working current and interfere with the safety; no matter the full load, the full load, the uphill start, the downhill road It is forbidden to turn and drive; when turning, you should pay attention to slow down to prevent the goods from falling off, and at the same time pay attention to the difference of the inner wheel to prevent the trailer from scratching the inner side or driving off the road; (9) Under normal conditions, The electric forklift moving motor and oil pump motor are strictly prohibited to work at the same time to increase the service life of the battery; (10) When the working standard voltage is less than the minimum limit working voltage of the vehicle, stop working and immediately start the battery charging; (11) Driving If any abnormal situation is found in the middle of the road, it should be stopped immediately for inspection and fault detection. As explained above, electric forklifts ensure production safety, reduce the occupied human capital, greatly reduce labor efficiency, further improve work effects, and have obvious economic benefits.
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