What should be paid attention to when operating a forklift

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-12
When using a forklift, there will be some safety operating procedures that need to be understood, which is to ensure that the forklift driver operates the forklift safely, accurately, standardly and effectively. Before the forklift operation, you should check the appearance, add fuel, lubricating oil and cooling water, check the starting, running and braking performance, and check whether the lights and sound signals are complete and effective. Before starting, you should observe the surroundings, confirm that there are no obstacles that hinder the safety of driving, and then honk the horn first, then start, and when the forklift starts with a load, the driver should first confirm that the loaded load is stable and reliable. When driving, do not lift the fork too high, and pay attention to whether there are obstacles in the sky when entering and leaving the job site or on the way. In addition, when fork-loading items, the distance between the two forks should be adjusted as needed, so that the load of the two forks should be balanced and should not be skewed, and one side of the item should be against the shelf.
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