What should be paid attention to during the use of all-electric pallet trucks

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-11
What should be paid attention to during the use of an all-electric pallet truck (1) When the pallet truck is loaded with goods going downhill, it should travel backwards to prevent the goods from falling. (2) Do not raise the fork too high while driving. When entering and leaving the work site or driving, pay attention to the obstacles that are scratched in the sky. When the load is driven, if the fork lifts too high, it will increase the height of the overall center of gravity of the forklift and affect the stability of the forklift. (3) When driving, the lower end of the fork should be kept at 300-400mm from the ground, and the mast should be tilted backward. (4) When the truck is running, it should keep a certain safe distance from the vehicle in front. (5) The steering of the forklift is controlled by the rear wheels, so you must always pay attention to the swing behind the truck to avoid sudden turns. (6) When turning, if there are pedestrians or vehicles nearby, signal should be given and rapid turns should be prohibited. High-speed sharp turns will cause the vehicle to lose lateral stability and tip over. (7) It is strictly forbidden to stall the internal combustion forklift when it is going downhill. (8) Without special circumstances, it is forbidden to brake suddenly while loading cargo. (9) After unloading, the fork should be lowered to the normal driving position before driving
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