What regulations need to be followed by forklift drivers

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-15
What are the regulations that forklift drivers need to comply with? 1. First of all, the driver of the forklift must be professionally trained. Driving a forklift on the highway requires at least a B-level driver's license. To operate the forklift in the work area, you must have a written driving permit issued by the employer. People who have not been trained and licensed cannot drive a forklift. 2. The driver should not operate the forklift after drinking, smoking, eating or drinking during driving, this is the basic safety operation principle. Driving without a license is strictly prohibited. The trainee driver must have a licensed driver instructor, and cannot operate alone. 3. The driver must wear a seat belt during the driving of the forklift, so as to protect the life of the driver and reduce the degree of injury in the event of an accident. Adjust the seat, pedals, levers and backrest according to personal needs to achieve a good driving position.
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