What problems should be paid attention to for forklift maintenance?

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-17
What problems should be paid attention to when repairing forklifts? One. Let the forklift maintenance service provider develop a comprehensive and reasonable preventive maintenance plan for our forklifts, such as how often the side-to-side inspections, the program debugging test list, etc., these data can give Our forklift maintenance is a reference. Secondly, the technicians should provide us with a list of items every time they check, so that we can better understand the working status of the existing forklifts. 2. In the preventive maintenance plan, do not forget the cleaning work of the forklift. There are many reasons for the failure of the forklift. However, the long-term failure to remove debris, broken steps, dust, etc. will also lead to some minor failures, so we are taking preventive measures. This is to be placed in the sexual maintenance plan. Good cleaning is essential to the maintenance of the forklift. 3. The life of the forklift plays a very important role. Don't wait until the forklift fails to think about maintenance. Some parts cannot be repaired, or even the entire parts have to be replaced. At that time, the maintenance cost is very high.
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