What materials are needed for the production of forklift batteries?

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-08
What materials are needed for the production of forklift batteries? 1. The forklift battery adopts polyester fiber tube, which has good elasticity, small hole diameter, low resistance and high air permeability; 2. Completely insulated soft connection line, no leakage current; 3. Pop-up valve structure with top surface plug, with Special electrolyte level indicator; 4. Equipped with a liquid injection cap for automatic water replenishment; 5. Imported high-quality oblique separator with multi-microporous, high porosity and low resistance; 6. Use of PP battery shell and cover material, Impact resistance; 7. The patented terminal sealing structure of the forklift battery completely prevents plate growth and liquid leakage. Traction forklift batteries are used as DC power sources for forklifts, tractors, pallets, underground mining locomotives and other equipment. They are widely used in airports, stations, ports, vegetable and fruit markets, industrial and mining enterprise warehouses and other places.
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