What is the working structure of a reach forklift?

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-30
Reach forklifts are also common in forklift manufacturers. They have two forward outriggers. Compared with plug-in forklifts, the front wheels are larger and the outriggers are higher. During the operation of the reach forklift, the outriggers cannot be inserted into the bottom of the goods, and the gantry can move along the track inside the outriggers with the entire lifting mechanism, so that the forks can be retracted by raising a little height after inserting the goods. It can ensure the stability of the forklift when it is running. Reach forklifts are the same as the fork-legs in that the center of gravity of the goods falls on the support plane of the vehicle, so the stability is very good. The maximum lifting weight of the reach forklift is 5 tons, the maximum lifting height is 3 meters, and the maximum speed is 15 km/h, which is more suitable for operation in workshops and warehouses.
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