What is the structure of the soft-wrapped forklift?

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-23
Soft bag clamp forklift is more suitable for handling various flexible packaging products, with the advantages of stable movement, high efficiency, convenient maintenance and low price. In terms of structure, it adopts an all-steel structure overall frame, which has high strength and can meet the needs of users for high-strength operations. The self-lubricating sliding bearing has firm and reliable installation, long service life, and has an independent side shifting mechanism, which ensures that the soft bag has a side shifting amount of ±100 in any clamping size, which is convenient for operation. In addition, the optimized structural layout ensures a good view. T-type sliding pair is adopted, which has high strength, uniform force, long life, and thin clamping arm design, which is convenient for wedging of tightly stacked goods. When working, the soft bag clamps directly clamp the goods from both sides to realize pallet-free handling. It plays an important role in many fields such as transportation, warehousing, aquatic products, and cold storage.
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