What is the reason why the lifting of the all-electric pallet truck is weak or unable to lift

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-15
All-electric pallet trucks are mainly powered by batteries and are used by us. To say where all-electric pallet trucks often appear, of course it is a transportation warehouse! Below we also list some common faults of all electric pallet trucks for your reference for maintenance personnel and electric forklift users. Generally speaking, the failure of an electric pallet truck has the following four aspects: the speed of the driving wheel is reduced or the driving motor is overloaded; the lifting is weak or unable to lift; the brake fails; the electrical operation is abnormal. The driving wheel speed is reduced or the driving motor is overloaded: 1. The battery voltage is too low or the connector resistance is too large. 2. Excessive carbon deposits between the motor commutators 3. Improper adjustment of the motor brake causes the motor to run with a brake. 4. The drive head gearbox and bearings lack lubrication. 5. The motor armature is short-circuited. 1. Check the voltage under load and clean the connectors. 2. Clean the commutator. 3. Adjust the brake clearance. 4. Check cleaning and refill lubricating oil. 5. Replace with a new motor. Weak lifting or unable to lift: 1. Gear pump and pump body wear excessively. 2. The adjustment point of the overflow valve and the sealing valve in the valve block is changed. 3. Oil leakage in the hydraulic pipeline. 4. The hydraulic oil temperature is too high and the hydraulic oil is too thin. 5. The sliding frame of the mast is jammed. 6. The speed of the oil pump motor is too low. 7. Replace wear parts or oil pump. 8. Replace or readjust. 9. Check the oil leak and deal with it. 10. Replace the unqualified hydraulic oil and check the reason for the increase in oil temperature. 11. Check and adjust. 12. Check the motor and eliminate the fault. Brake failure: 1. The brake button and part of the brake circuit are short-circuited. 2. The internal short circuit of the brake disk coil. 3. The brake is loose or the brake pad gap is too large. 4. The voltage is too low and the disk does not work. 5. Check and replace. 6. Replace the disk coil. 7. Reinstall and adjust. 8. Recharge. Abnormal electrical action: 1. The micro switch at the end of the handle is damaged or invalid or the position of the micro switch is improperly adjusted. 2. The main circuit fuse or the control circuit fuse is blown. 3. The battery voltage is too low. 4. Singeing or too much dirt on the contacts of the contactor causes poor contacts. 5. The contact does not move. If the electric operation of the all-electric pallet truck is abnormal, it may be due to the above reasons, then how should we repair it? For example, repair and replacement of micro switches. Replace the fuse of the same type. Recharge. Repair the contact, adjust the position or replace the contact. Check whether the circuit of the attracting coil is interrupted or replace the contactor. These are all methods to deal with abnormal electrical actions. If there is a problem with the all-electric pallet truck you have purchased, you can also call us!
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