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What is the reason for the forklift not firing and the repair method

What is the reason for the forklift not firing and the repair method


1、If a forklift truck is found to be more and more difficult to fire due to long time use, a big reason for this is the ignition system or fuel system problem.

Treatment method: Clean the fuel filter, clean the filter parts in the system, and choose to replace them according to the situation.

2、If the ignition has been normal, when one day there is ignition clatter is not on the car, this may be a battery problem or the occasional failure of the starter motor caused.

Treatment: You can use a household multimeter to measure the voltage of the battery, if the voltage is lower than 10 V, it can not start; if the battery is not a problem, it is possible that the starter motor failure, usually serious wear of carbon brushes, internal coil short circuit or disconnection ablation, etc., the starter motor can not start.

3、In the forklift, the forklift does not fire clacking, but the headlight is normal.

Treatment: This situation is caused by the disconnection of the motor excitation coil, it is recommended to replace the motor magnetic switch. 

4、The forklift engine has rotation, but the rotation is uneven, then the starter motor has a wear bottoming out situation.

5、The battery is not charged.

Maintenance method: look at the battery has no electricity. It is possible that the battery is losing power or the battery life is expired because the headlight is not turned off for a long time, etc. Generally, replace the battery in time according to the maintenance manual, or light up the battery connection with other vehicles. To sum up; check whether there is enough oil in the dipstick or oil gauge of forklift. If the oil gauge shows that it is already below the red line, it will not fire naturally and can be replenished in time.

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