What is the reason for the energy consumption of electric forklifts

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-15
There are many developments in various industries now. Many goods need to be transported, and the goods need to be transported when they are packed and loaded. Some goods are light, but some are heavy. In the past, we used manual handling, but now we use electric forklifts. ! In the process of transporting goods, we need to carry out a variable frequency speed change process. The speed control process can be divided into: throttle speed change, volume speed change, throttle speed change changes the size of the flow control element in the control loop, and can implement the flow of the components. Effective control can further effectively adjust the operating speed of the electric forklift. Because the adjustment of the movement speed is mainly completed by the transition of the circulation cross section, the energy consumption will be destroyed to a certain extent. The volumetric speed change of the electric forklift will change the displacement of the variable plunger pump in the control loop, so that the implementation of the components can be adjusted. The pump-controlled volumetric variable speed changes the speed ratio of the electric forklift motor on the one hand, and can also further change the output flow of the hydraulic pump. In addition, variable organization can be used to transform the hydraulic pump displacement, so that the output flow of the hydraulic pump can be changed. The pump source of the electric forklift is completed by a pressure feedback variable plunger pump. When the motor speed is controlled, the frequency conversion is completed, which can further complete the volumetric speed change. With continuously changing load operation, it will gradually change to the working pressure of electric forklifts, which will further improve work efficiency. According to relevant research data, the working pressure of electric forklifts is usually maintained in a balanced position with the feedback pressure. For electric forklifts, our inevitable situation is that the electric forklift leaks oil during use. But in the actual use process, we can use some means to prevent it. Because of the large contact area of u200bu200bthe oil pan, valve cover, etc., it is not easy to make them compact, which may cause oil leakage. If the oil seal at the rear of the crankshaft leaks, the oil will enter the clutch, which will cause serious oil loss in the electric forklift, and will also cause the clutch disc to slip and burn. Tighten the nut according to relevant standards. If the compression force is large, the gasket will leak. If the screw is too tight. The metal around the screw hole will also protrude, and the thread will also slip and leak oil. If the oil seal device is improper, there will be a certain difference between the journal and the cutting edge of the oil seal. Due to yaw and oil, long-term use will lose elasticity due to rubber aging, seal lip damage, and spring self-tightening, which will also lose the oil seal effect. Correct and replace the corresponding parts of the electric forklift according to the standard. As electric forklifts are now a very important tool for cargo transportation, AC variable frequency variable speed technology has also been more commonly used in the entire electric forklift industry. In addition, when cylinder liners, pistons, and piston rings are worn to a certain extent, the high-pressure gas in the incineration chamber is forced to enter the crankcase. Therefore, when this phenomenon occurs, we should carry out a timely replacement process for the worn parts of the electric forklift.
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