What is the low temperature cold start of the forklift battery?

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-24
What is the low temperature cold start of the forklift battery? The normal use of the battery has temperature deviation, and the output current intensity and the energy chemistry of the energy storage are also inconsistent when used in different seasons. The Brauns brand forklift battery has a good discharge curve, large fluctuation distance in the high temperature and low temperature range, and capacity energy storage Well, it can start as usual even at minus 25 degrees. The low temperature starting ability refers to the ability of the forklift battery to discharge high current in a short period of time in a low temperature environment. Due to the many advantages of sealed lead-acid batteries, they have been widely used. However, the charging technology of sealed lead-acid batteries does not seem to be valued, and premature battery scrap due to unreasonable charging methods is common. In winter or in cold regions, the car cannot start the engine because of the poor start-up performance of the battery at low temperature. According to the standard, the low temperature starting ability test is to put a fully charged battery in a low temperature (<-18℃) environment for at least 20h, or when the electrolyte temperature of the intermediate battery reaches -18℃, then discharge with a large current to detect Whether its discharge time meets the standard requirements. The main reason for the unqualified start-up at low temperature is the passivation of the negative plate of the battery. Once the negative electrode is passivated, the electrochemical reaction speed will drop sharply, and the capacity of the battery will be greatly reduced at this time. The key to solving the passivation of the negative plate is that anti-passivation additives such as alkali lignin, barium sulfate, carbon black, etc. should be properly added in the production process of the plate; the starting principle of ordinary car batteries and internal combustion forklift batteries is the same. It is made of lead acid and belongs to the start-up type. It is necessary to pay attention to the start-up state of the low temperature in winter.
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