What is the impact of summer heat on electric forklifts?

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-14
What is the impact of summer heat on electric forklifts? 1. Staff influence. Due to the high temperature and mosquito bites, the operation of electric forklift drivers is affected. 2. The effect of heat dissipation. Under high temperature, the temperature of the electric forklift engine is likely to be too high, and the heat dissipation performance becomes poor, which makes its economy and power performance worse. 3. The impact of liquid tires. The pressure brake of the electric forklift fails due to the expansion and deformation of the leather cup, and it is easy to cause the water tank to 'boil4. Security impact. It is not conducive to the safety of electric forklift operations, and it is prone to mental fatigue and heat stroke during work. Affect the safety of forklifts, personnel, and goods. 5. Road impact. The hot ground temperature is too high, and the adhesion of the electric forklift is reduced. In addition, there are more thunderstorms in summer, and there is water in the loading and unloading site, which is easy to slip.
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