What is the effect of dry forklift battery electrolyte?

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-25
What is the effect of dry forklift battery electrolyte? Forklift battery is a kind of water-filled battery. Although the price is not expensive, maintenance is indeed a troublesome thing. Adding distilled water is an indispensable maintenance step for the battery. However, many drivers often fill up the water at one time for convenience and trouble-saving, which causes the forklift to overflow a large amount of electrolyte during charging and generate conductivity. The self-discharge of the battery in Dongguan forklift naturally increases , The subsequent oxidation is also serious. The drying up of the electrolyte is an important factor in the reduction of battery capacity and shortened service life. In order to avoid a large loss of electrolyte and shorten the service life of the battery, the float charge voltage should be strictly in accordance with the voltage value recommended by the manufacturer. For the battery that needs to be balanced and charged, the low-voltage current-limiting charging method should be appropriately adopted, and the maximum charging current should not exceed 2I10 , The charging voltage should be limited to 2.35V/only. It is necessary to frequently observe whether the battery case will leak, deform, whether the connection part is loose, corroded, etc., so as to find abnormalities in time and deal with it. If you want to extend the service life of the battery forklift, you must do the battery during daily use. Good protection measures. The batteries used now are different from the traditional batteries. The traditional maintenance-free battery does not need to be filled with liquid, but the traction electric forklift battery is an open battery, and the electrolyte must not be lower than the plate line, otherwise it will cause burns. .
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