What is a single-column aluminum alloy lift

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-12
What is the single-pillar aluminum alloy elevator? Single-pillar aluminum alloy elevator: This series of products is indoor, widely used in high-altitude operations in star hotels, large supermarkets and other industries, halls and factories. It has lifting balance, easy operation, and general access In the lobby, the elevator can be entered and exited at will, with low power consumption, no pollution, and no damage to the ground during work. It can be used for wall-mounted work and protruding work without dead ends. The single-pillar aluminum alloy electric lift is equipped with a gantry cross-frame attachment, which is very suitable for the maintenance work of theaters, auditoriums, churches, etc. The gantry straddle is easy to assemble, labor-saving, and flexible to move. It can cross obstacles such as fixed seats with a height of 1.1m, and can work stably on steps. It is made of high-strength rectangular steel pipe with good rigidity and stability. Equipped with universal casters, mobile and flexible. The span of the two ends of the frame is adjustable, which can be adapted to the requirements of crossing different obstacles. The two ends of the frame can be adjusted vertically, and can be used for working on slopes or steps with a certain slope.
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