What impact will the forklift battery have when it is not fully charged?

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-25
What impact will the forklift battery have when it is not fully charged? The battery of the battery forklift is the core power of the battery forklift. Because the charging and discharging state are the main steps that determine its cycle life during use, many users often ignore the charging part. After using the forklift, connect the battery pack to the forklift to charge. The machine is left alone, and even when the vehicle is not fully charged in many cases, it will accelerate the vulcanization speed of the forklift battery in the long run and affect its life. Intermittent charging can be said to reduce the number of cycles. When many factory forklift drivers are resting at noon, the battery forklift still has half of the power remaining. After charging it, charging for 1 hour and continuing to use the vehicle, the crystals of the Dongguan forklift battery are getting bigger and bigger. , The energy storage current will decrease. At present, battery users and managers have insufficient understanding, insufficient attention, and delayed maintenance of the importance of battery maintenance. The maintenance of the battery is limited to simple maintenance work such as battery water replenishment, and lack of knowledge of the professional maintenance methods of the battery. The lack of professional battery maintenance personnel and professional maintenance equipment causes increased vulcanization of the battery and seriously affects the service time of the battery. Long-term storage for more than 3 months will form obvious vulcanization. After storage for more than 6 months, the capacity of the battery will drop to 70%. If the storage period reaches 1 year, the battery will basically be scrapped. Excessive use in the actual use process, due to long-term use and failure to charge in time, there will generally be obvious vulcanization within 12 hours. Insufficient charging In the actual working environment, the battery is often used when it is not fully charged, which makes the battery in an unsaturated state for a long time, accelerates the vulcanization, and affects the battery time. Midway charging In the actual working environment, the battery is often charged when the battery is not used up, and continues to be used after it is not fully charged. For a long time, the battery will have a 'memory effect' and cannot complete the saturation charge, which affects the battery's service time.
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