What crystals are produced when the forklift battery pack is charged and discharged?

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-25
What crystals are produced when the forklift battery pack is charged and discharged? Forklift batteries are tubular water-filled lead-acid batteries. When used for a certain period of time, white oxides will be generated, and the poles will even appear to climb acid. After a long time, they will corrode the pile heads or screws, resulting in increased resistance and loose connections. Under abnormal conditions, a layer of white, coarse-grained lead sulfate will gradually form on the surface of the battery pack of Dongguan forklift. Because this part of the lead sulfate crystal grains is coarse and hard, it not only has a small contact area with the electrolyte, but also has extremely poor electrical conductivity, which will block the active material pores on the electrode plate, making the penetration of the electrolyte very difficult, which makes the Dongguan forklift battery pack The resistance of the battery increases, the amount of charge decreases, and the service life of the battery is greatly shortened. Normal forklift batteries form lead sulfate crystals during discharge, and are easily reduced to lead during charging. If the forklift battery pack is improperly used and maintained, such as under-charging or over-discharging, a thick and hard lead sulfate will gradually form on the negative electrode. This kind of lead sulfate is difficult to restore by conventional charging methods, and requires a high charging voltage. Due to poor charging acceptance during charging, a large amount of gas is evolved. When the forklift battery is fully charged, the lead sulfate on the positive and negative plates is almost completely converted into lead dioxide and spongy lead. When discharging, the lead dioxide and spongy lead on the positive and negative plates will re-transmit the electrolysis reaction to gradually generate lead sulfate. If the battery is insufficiently charged for a long time, the lead sulfate on the electrode plate will gradually be dissolved in the electrolyte when the temperature rises. When the temperature drops, the dissolved lead sulfate will be precipitated due to the oversaturation of the electrolyte, and the precipitated sulfuric acid Coarse crystal grains formed by recrystallization of lead adhere to the surface of the positive and negative plates, causing sulfidation of the plates.
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