What aspects of the mini forklift need to be checked

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-13
Forklift manufacturers told us that miniature forklifts are easy to use and fast to carry, making them a very suitable product. But at the same time, pay attention to the inspection of the mini forklift, including cylinder pressure or vacuum degree; and adjustment of valve clearance; whether the thermostat works normally; multi-way reversing valve, lift cylinder, tilt cylinder, steering cylinder and gear Whether the pump is working properly; whether the shifting of the transmission is working properly. Then pay attention to adjusting the gap between the brake pads of the hand and foot brakes and the brake drum; replace the oil in the oil pan, check whether the crankcase ventilation connection is in good condition, and clean the oil filter and diesel filter element. Also check whether the generator and starter motor are installed firmly, and whether the terminals are clean and firm, and whether the carbon brushes and commutators are worn. Only after these aspects are checked to ensure that there are no problems, we can use the mini forklift with confidence to ensure work efficiency.
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