What are the wearing parts of so many parts of the electric stacker?

by:Jxforklift     2021-12-20
No matter what the vehicle is, it will fail after a series of use. Because of the damage of some parts, when the electric stacker is purchased, the warranty will generally indicate that the wearing parts are not warranted; then the stacker What are the wearing parts? Jiangsu today will share with you what are the wear and tear parts of the stacker truck? The wheel materials of wheel trucks are generally polyurethane, nylon, and rubber; among them, polyurethane is widely used because of its wear resistance and softness. Nylon wheels are generally suitable for manual stackers or semi-electric stackers because of their light weight and high hardness. The utilization rate of rubber wheels is not very high, and they are generally only used for special needs of users. The wheels must wear out because they move on the ground, so the general manufacturers sell stackers without warranty. Even if it is a warranty, generally only three or six months of three guarantees are provided! Bearings Many bearings are installed inside the wheels. When the wheels are replaced, many bearings cannot be knocked off, so they are discarded. In addition, because bearings have always been worn parts, they are basically not covered by the warranty. However, generally good bearings can be used for three to five years without problems, and imported bearings can be used for more than ten years. Oil seal The oil seal generally acts on the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder to play a sealing role. With the long-term friction of the piston rod, it is only a matter of time before the oil seal is worn out, so generally the oil seal is not warranted. Plastic shell As for this plastic shell, it is basically the damage caused by human operation and bumps. Of course, the probability of this occurrence is still very high, so the manufacturer also lists it as a vulnerable part and does not provide three guarantees. Carbon brush motor Carbon brush has always played the role of contact, but just like a pencil, it wears out all the time, so it is an inevitable trend to wear off. However, generally speaking, the carbon brush of the motor can be used for three to five years once replaced, so although it is a vulnerable part, the frequency of replacement is not high! Batteries At present, the batteries of electric stackers are generally lead-acid batteries; the chemical reaction inside the battery generally has an active cycle, and the general plastic shell starter battery can only be used for 1-2 years. The installed battery pack can generally be charged and discharged 700 times, and it can be used for almost 3 years under normal conditions. Of course, better batteries, such as imported batteries, can be charged and discharged for 1,500 times. When manufacturers sell stackers, the general battery warranty period is also 3-6 months! Damages to wheels, bearings, and oil seals may be caused by problems with the electric stacker. These are also vulnerable parts! In general, wearing parts are things that have been worn out, and are things that cannot be solved at the current technical level, such as carbon brushes, batteries, and so on. Of course, these vulnerable accessories are also accepted by most people!
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