What are the ways to reduce the wear and tear of used electric forklifts?

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-13
What are the ways to reduce the wear and tear of used electric forklifts? 1. Strengthen the maintenance of tires. In order to travel long distances, people will choose comfortable and wear-resistant shoes. If the forklift wants to be well maintained, it is very important to the maintenance of the tires. Breaking, cracking, etc. (2) Check the air pressure frequently, inflate the tires according to the specified air pressure, and regularly check and adjust the tire air pressure in a cold state and under a certain load. (3) Dig stones frequently, remove gravel, glass and metal pieces between potential tread patterns from time to time. If the wound is too large, replace with new tires in time. (4) Check the tire temperature frequently. In summer, the temperature is high. Avoid direct sunlight on the tires. Do not splash cold water or give up pressure reduction. If parked in the open air for too long in winter, a template should be placed under the tires, and the car should be warmed up after starting. 2. Raise the quality maintenance of the site. Improve driving skills. Start smoothly and try to avoid sudden acceleration, sudden braking, and sudden steering. When encountering stones, potholes, or sharp objects, you should slow down and go around. 3. Reasonable selection and matching of tires. Match the tires according to the operating speed, road conditions, the static load generated by the forklift's own weight and cargo, and the dynamic load when the forklift is traveling. 4. To prevent the tires from being overloaded, the goods should be loaded in balance.
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