What are the types of internal combustion forklifts

by:Jxforklift     2022-05-02
Within the scope of forklifts, there are three main types of internal combustion forklifts: counterbalanced diesel forklifts, counterbalanced gasoline forklifts and counterbalanced liquefied petroleum gas forklifts. Among them, the counterbalanced diesel forklift has a large volume, but its stability is good, it is suitable for heavy loads, the use time is unlimited, and the use site is generally outdoors. Counterweight gasoline forklifts are large in size, small in shape of gasoline engine, light in weight, large in output power, low in working noise and vibration, and low in price, but the gasoline engine has poor overload capacity and long-term operation capacity, and fuel costs are quite high. The counterweight liquefied petroleum gas forklift is a counterweight gasoline forklift equipped with a liquefied petroleum gas conversion device, which can be switched between the use of gasoline and liquefied gas through the conversion switch. Among them, the biggest advantage of the counterweight liquefied petroleum gas forklift is that the exhaust emission is good, the carbon monoxide emission is significantly lower than that of the gasoline engine, and the fuel cost is low. It is suitable for indoor operations with high environmental requirements.
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