What are the structural principles of the electric forklift starter motor?

by:Jxforklift     2022-03-01
What are the structural principles of the electric forklift starter motor? 1. Spring. 2. Reduction gear 3. Reduction disc 4. Contact gear (one-way gear) 5. O-ring seal 6. Steel ball 7. Circlip and other structures. The working structure route of the forklift starter of Dongguan electric forklift rental when starting: 1. The positive electrode of the starting battery, 2. The battery connector, 3. The (thick) cable, 4. One end of the platinum contact of the solenoid valve of the starting motor, 5. Small) power cord, 6. fuse, 7. ammeter, 8. ignition key switch, 9. start relay, 10. start motor solenoid valve coil, 11. platinum contact connection, 12. start motor cable, 13. start motor Carbon brush, 14. Rotor, 15. Grounding, 16. Battery negative.
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