What are the special product properties of the forklift ejector

by:Jxforklift     2022-06-03
With the development of the market economy, the logistics industry has gradually grown into a leading industry that guides production and promotes consumption, and many types of forklifts such as ejectors are gradually becoming more and more colorful. The pushing distance of the forklift ejector can be adjusted arbitrarily from 0 to 1180mm; the thrust of the hydraulic cylinder is greater than the pulling force: the product uses the pushing force to complete the load action and the pulling force to complete the no-load action. The weight of the cargo is at the bottom, and the thrust point of the hydraulic cylinder is just at the bottom, so the pushing force is very small, and the engine can complete the action at a low speed, achieving the effect of energy saving. The loss-of-load distance of the ejector is only 100mm, which is basically not greater than the loss-of-load distance of the original standard car. At present, most of the short-distance transportation is done using forklifts. Forklift operations need to be completed with the help of pallets. High-quality attachments are well-designed, sturdy, and widely applicable, significantly improving work efficiency. Details: http://www.lysdchache.com/
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