What are the regulations when maintaining forklifts?

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-14
In order to avoid early damage to the vehicle and keep the forklift in good condition, forklift manufacturers should pay attention to the maintenance of the forklift. It is possible to adopt excellent non-disintegration detection techniques and dissatisfaction detection steps to make the forklift maintenance employment scientific and standardized. For forklift maintenance operations, including cleaning, replenishment, inspection, lubrication, tightening and adjustment. It is also necessary to strictly follow the control procedures, adopt new techniques, new materials and new processes, repair or replace parts in real time, and improve the matching form and the service life of the extended parts. In the maintenance function of forklifts, it is necessary to strengthen scientific management, control the technical state of forklifts at any time, often analyze original records, statistics, conclusions and experience, detect abnormalities, improve maintenance employment, and improve the maintenance quality of forklifts.
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