What are the precautions when operating a semi-electric stacker

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-14
What are the precautions when operating a semi-electric stacker? Electric pallet truck 1. Before operation: first turn on the switch, and then pull up the emergency stop button to check the status of the power displayed on the battery capacity meter. If the power is sufficient, You can use it with confidence. If the battery is insufficient, it means that it has been over-discharged and must be charged in time. Under normal circumstances, when the electricity meter shows less than one-third, it is necessary to charge the electricity in time. 2. During operation: try to operate on a level ground and avoid partial load (single fork operation) or overload. When loading and unloading goods from a high place for short-distance transportation, the fork must be lowered to a distance of no more than 300mm from the ground. It is not allowed to put the goods on the forks for a long time. 3. Charging: First insert the plug on one end of the charger into the input jack on the semi-electric stacker, and then insert the plug on the other end of the charger into the power socket for charging. .
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