What are the precautions for the operation of oil drum clamps in the logistics industry

by:Jxforklift     2022-04-11
In terms of power, there are various options of oil drum clamps, and different methods can be selected according to the weight of the oil drum and the transportation route. Forklift manufacturers summarize for you what matters should be paid attention to in the operation process. The heavy-duty steel structure can be used normally by simply inserting the fork and locking it; the oil drum clamp can lift, transport and stack oil drums easily and quickly. The oil drum clip is ingeniously designed. The oil drum is automatically clamped by the oil drum itself. When the oil drum is put down, the barrel clamp is automatically released. During the working process, personnel should not be allowed under the barrel clamp and barrel. When carrying barrels of materials, the operator should first align the clamps with each barrel. If the positions of each barrel are slightly separated, the guide spokes of the clamp can automatically adjust the working range. The oil drum clamps are equipped with a variety of domestic and imported engines for users to choose. Forklift manufacturers suggest that consumers can choose the domestic engine configuration appropriately, which is convenient and practical, and easy to maintain.
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