What are the performances of the PE separator of the forklift battery pack?

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-22
What are the performances of the PE separator of the forklift battery pack? PE separators play a very important role in forklift batteries. Why do you say that? Because the forklift battery is a single unit composed of plates and separators, in lead-acid batteries, the separators are pierced and there are many short-circuit conditions. The quality of the separators has a great relationship in the process of manufacturing products. PE separators are based on their apertures. With the characteristics of small size, high porosity, low resistance, high mechanical strength, and encapsulation, it has been widely used in the battery industry worldwide, and its development in China is even stronger. As a plastic product, the PE separator of the forklift battery pack has received general attention from battery manufacturers for its high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance. However, for a long time, the judgment of the anti-oxidation performance lacks a unified, intuitive test standard and a simple, easy, safe and reliable test method. There is only one potassium permanganate reduction in the industry standard (JB/T7630.5-2008). The material index (the specific volume of the reduced potassium permanganate substance is 10mL/g). This index only reflects the amount of reducing substances contained in the PE separator. In fact, there are many factors that affect the oxidation resistance of the PE separator. The number of reducing substances is a decision. It can be said that the oxidation resistance of PE separators is the result of the comprehensive effects of various raw material compositions and molding structures of PE separators.
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