What are the particularities in the color design of manual hydraulic pallet trucks?

by:Jxforklift     2022-02-09
What are the particularities in the color design of manual hydraulic pallet trucks? We often see manual hydraulic pallets in various colors, such as red, blue, yellow, orange, white, black, etc., so what are the particularities of designing these colors? The main color of the manual hydraulic pallet truck should be determined by considering the effective function of the product. The overall color arrangement should be simple and pleasant, and avoid excessive colors. Because the forklift body is compact and flexible, for safety and eye-catching purposes, the main color should be brighter and less pure, such as the most common yellow or orange , As a safety color, yellow means a warning. This is also the popular color of international construction machinery. The color of manual hydraulic pallets varies according to the use environment and objects. For manual hydraulic pallets operating in dirty environments, choose colors with high purity and moderate brightness. For example, light blue and light gray have a certain degree of dirt resistance. Warm colors should be used for cold areas, and cool colors for tropical areas. For noisy environments, light colors should be used. Orange-red is used in explosion-proof forklifts that are prone to explosion or fire. Forklifts working in cold storage are mostly blue and white. It should be noted that the theme color should be coordinated with the color emotion of the work object. The color design of manual hydraulic pallet trucks is also related to the safety of forklift operations, because colors play a certain role in human physiology and psychology. For example, white and yellow have high transparency, which is easy to produce reflections and dazzling, resulting in uncomfortable visual conditions, making people easy to produce visual errors and accidents, so it is not easy to use a single color for forklifts. The color should be handled reasonably and scientifically, so that the functions of the truck can be fully utilized, and the operation is safe.
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