What are the maintenance cycles of electric forklifts?

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-28
What are the maintenance cycles of electric forklifts? In the daily use and storage of electric forklifts, it may be due to the natural corrosion of the environment, the wear of accessories during the operation and the aging factors of various wearing parts, which may lead to the technical and technical characteristics of Dongguan electric forklifts. Reliability is gradually decreasing. Therefore, in order to make the forklift work normally and reliably, and to maximize its operating ability, timely and regular maintenance and daily maintenance must be carried out to maintain the good performance and reliability of the forklift, and to extend the service life of the whole vehicle accessories. To a certain extent, reduce oil consumption. 1. The daily maintenance is mainly carried out by the driver. After the operation on the same day, the main content of the work is mainly inspection and fine-tuning. 2. Level 1 maintenance. After 500 hours of accumulated work, professional maintenance technicians are responsible for maintenance, and the driver cooperates with inspection, cleaning, wiping, tightening, and lubrication according to the lubrication table. 3. Second-level maintenance. After 2500 hours of accumulated work, professional maintenance technicians will be the main part. Drivers will participate. In addition to the first-level maintenance, disassembly and inspection are used to clean the interior of the forklift motor or engine. Disassemble, inspect and clean the brake device and steering device. Check the connectors and contacts of each contactor for poor contact and damage, and tighten the wiring bolts. Check whether the battery shells are cracked, whether the sealing glue is good, whether the poles and connecting wires are oxidized and damaged, and whether the wiring is firm. Clean the inside of the drive device for disassembly and inspection, and adjust the tooth gap of the spiral bevel gear. Clean the oil tank, hydraulic cylinder, oil pipe and filter screen, replace the hydraulic cylinder sealing ring and hydraulic oil. Check whether there are cracks, open welding or obvious deformation in the frame and shovel plate of the Dongguan electric forklift, and disassemble the chain box. Check whether the connecting bolts of the lifting chain have slippage and bending deformation. Touch-up paint on the exterior of the vehicle. Lubricate according to the lubrication table.
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