What are the main technical performance parameters of electric forklifts?

by:Jxforklift     2022-01-29
What are the main technical performance parameters of electric forklifts? 1. Rated lifting capacity: stipulates the maximum mass of goods lifted by forklifts. 2. Load center distance: the distance from the center of gravity of the rated lifting load to the front surface of the vertical section of the fork. Expressed in 'mm'. According to different rated lifting capacity, my country has stipulated the corresponding load center distance, which is used as the reference value. 3. Maximum lifting height at rated lifting capacity: Under the rated lifting capacity, the fork is raised to the highest position, the mast is vertical, and the vertical distance from the ground to the upper plane of the fork. 4. Free lifting height: the maximum vertical distance from the upper plane of the fork to the ground when lifting under the condition of no load, vertical mast, and constant mast height. 5. Mast forward and backward inclination angle: In the unloaded state, the maximum inclination angle of the mast forward or backward relative to the vertical position
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